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Park Chelyuskintsev: Apartments sell like hot cakes in a new fully-finished house in a prestigious complex in Minsk!

10.06.2020   |   Парк Челюскинцев


During a heatwave in the city you especially appreciate the coolness of parks and gardens. Under the canopy of trees you seem to breathe better, and life starts to look more beautiful! When leaving the doorway of your house you would not want to smell hot asphalt but feel the shade of high pines and birches. For example, in Chelyuskintsev Park. But is it possible? Yes, it is! If you buy an apartment in the most environmentally friendly Park Chelyuskintsev complex. The process of moving in will not take long - new House 7 of the residential complex has been commissioned and is fully ready to welcome its tenants!

The advantages of buying an apartment in a finished house do not need to be explained. You can examine your future housing, touch it with your own hands, see what kind of view opens from the windows. Having signed a purchase contract you immediately get the keys and can start remodeling. No worries, no waiting!

There are two metro stations nearby, two kindergartens right inside the complex, a parking lot on the first floor... This is a European comfort-level dwelling!

It is not surprising that 70% of the apartments in House 7 have been bought or booked within just two weeks from the start of sales!

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the development company Vibor Mulic explains why buyers were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to buy apartments here.

“The new house is located in a very beautiful place, near the park. The view from its windows is fantastic. Our customers kept asking when the sales would start. We worked hard to commission this house as quickly as possible, using our own funds only. In general, the construction of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is nearing completion. It will be fully commissioned next year,” Vibor Mulic stressed.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the development company Vibor MulicChairman of the Board of Directors of the development company Vibor Mulic

The start of sales offers amazingly attractive prices! If you want to make sure of this, then please visit the website of the developer! We have no doubts you will like apartments and book one!

House 7 has several undeniable advantages!

First of all, the house is fully ready! This is a very important factor for exacting buyers.

The location is perfect! House 7 is located in the first line of the complex from the park, deep in the complex. The park is nearby. Literally at your doorway there is the entrance to one of the main alleys of Chelyuskintsev Park, located parallel to Nezavisimosti Avenue.

House 7 House 7 House 7 is located in the first line of the complex from the park, deep in the complexHouse 7 is located in the first line of the complex from the park, deep in the complex

The houses of the Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex built along the park zone have been designed as a comfort-class living space of European level. Modern architectural and technological solutions have been used in its construction.

The houses have 25 floors. But each of them has its own features.

All apartments in House 7 have been designed to a base-build principle. There are 239 apartments: 9 on the second floor, 10 - on all others. Apartments are of three types. An one-room apartment is 38-39 square meters. A two-room apartment is 48-49 square meters, a three-room apartment - 77-78 square meters. The ceilings are 3 meters high in the apartments on the second and last floors, and 2.70 meters on all other floors. Such organization of living space will enable homeowners to implement any design idea. The buyer can choose the number and layout of the rooms and their size, with every room having a huge window or a glazed loggia.

Plenty of light is a feature of the new house! Panoramic glazing with a golden hue fills the rooms with sunlight and expands the living space. Airiness and lightness will be the characteristic features of these apartments, in whatever style they are decorated.

Bronze-tinted panoramic glazing will fill the rooms with a lot of sunlight and make the living space look biggerBronze-tinted panoramic glazing will fill the rooms with a lot of sunlight and make the living space look bigger

Second-floor apartments have private outdoor terraces that are protected from precipitation by transparent marquees. Just imagine what it's like to have your own street space in such a wonderful place!

Private open terraces protected from precipitation by transparent marqueesPrivate open terraces protected from precipitation by transparent marquees

Here, the roof above the parking lot, which is located on the ground floor of the building, will house children's playgrounds and landscaped recreation areas. This area is closed and completely safe, with a secure fence and no access to outsiders.

Three high-speed noiseless elevators OTIS are reliability and comfort whatever floor you choose to live on. None of the apartments are adjacent to the elevator shafts!

High-speed noiseless OTIS elevatorsHigh-speed noiseless OTIS elevators

The spacious and bright eco-style lobby, located on the first floor of the building, has lots of light and comfortable functional areas. There is a concierge stand and a cozy area to welcome guests and pick up deliveries, and also a restroom, which is very convenient!

Spacious and light eco-style lobbySpacious and light eco-style lobby

The ground floor is an open parking garage for 28 cars of various sizes with storage spaces. There is an automatic gate and a guards' room here.

The whole territory of the house is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of its residents.

In fact, the house unites all the features of the European-level housing! - from a secured parking lot to a concierge and terraces!

The Park Chelyuskintsev complex is unique! Literally under the windows there are more than 170 hectares of forest area, taking the park and the Botanical Garden together. This area is home to more than 15,000 plants. It is much larger than London's Hyde Park or the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

More than 170 hectares of forest area nearbyMore than 170 hectares of forest area nearby

Residents of the complex can take a walk in the shadow of pines or along the park's birch alleys at any time. Young and active people will be attracted by the opportunity to do sports in the open air - jogging in the morning, cycling, exercising in the workout zones. The park has sports grounds, and there are numerous attractions for kids and also the Children's Railway. There is a real paradise for elderly people - fresh air and quiet park alleys. There is also a chess town under pines, where games do not stop all year round!

Residents of the complex can take a walk along the parkResidents of the complex can take a walk along the park's alleys at any time, and there are numerous attractions for children, including the Children's Railway

All the charm of a unique natural corner of Minsk is in the heart of the city! Nearby is the main thoroughfare of the capital and two metro stations. In the immediate vicinity there are schools and kindergartens, clinics, shops and restaurants, cafes and cinemas. Even the well-known Komarovsky Marketplace is within a walking distance. Or you can ride a bike - the bike track starts right at your doorway!

The sports and recreation complex Olympiysky with several pools and the Freestyle center with a water park and a bowling alley in addition to football pitches, tennis courts are located almost next to the complex, across the park. In the park itself you can find a sports area with a volleyball court. In other words, residents of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex will have everything in place to live an active and healthy lifestyle!

Residents of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex will have everything in place to live an active and healthy lifestyle!Residents of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex will have everything in place to live an active and healthy lifestyle!

Keep in mind that the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is an exclusive piece of real estate. In line with Minsk development plans no more land plots will be allocated for construction in this area. Therefore, buying an apartment in the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is your last opportunity to settle down in a new home in this neighborhood! The complex will be fully commissioned next year.

Yekaterina Belyakova chose an apartment with a terrace. And she is already contemplating what and where will be placed!

“I would like to place flowerpots here, a coffee table with pretty chairs, maybe an elliptical exercise machine or a treadmill,” the buyer says. “The location is very convenient, it is a sunny side, forest is nearby, birds, fresh air. I don't think there is another place like this in Minsk!”

Yekaterina BelyakovaYekaterina Belyakova

Yekaterina has a lot of experience of buying real estate, this is why she spent a long time scrupulously choosing the apartment.

“I already knew what apartment parameters I needed, the location, convenient transportation, well-developed infrastructure. It is very good that a kindergarten nearby will be opened soon, there is a car park on the ground floor, a lot of parking space in parking lots of the residential complex, which means a lot these days. On the whole, I treasure comfort and coziness of my home. It is the best option out of all the possible ones. Park Chelyuskintsev means forest, quietness, and great looks of the houses of the residential complex. There is everything I need here!” Yekaterina believes.

It turns out the buyer has made a career in civil engineering:

“This is why I know how things work in this sphere. The quality of the residential complex is very good – for instance, the double-glazed windows or the tiles are excellent. It is obvious that everything has been done with quality in mind! The real estate developers that can offer a good value for money are few and far between!”

So, here is the professional's view!

Ready-made apartments can also be acquired in the multifunctional complex Mayak Minska. Redecoration can begin in the comfort-class homes MichelangeloGauguin, and Raphael even the next day after the purchase!

Michelangelo house Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house A restroom with a baby changing station A restroom with a baby changing station Gauguin and Raphael houses Gauguin and Raphael houses Designer lobby Designer lobby Fast and silent OTIS elevatorsFast and silent OTIS elevators

If you want to buy an apartment in newly built house 7 of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex and ready apartments in the Mayak Minska complex, you can use Belarusbank's unbelievably gainful partner loan Mortgage With Us! The interest rate on such a loan will be 3.99% per annum in the first year, 9% in the second year and the third one. The loan in Belarusian rubles can be repaid over the period of up to 20 years. The down payment starts at only 10% of the apartment's cost. The offer is truly unique since most of the banks have suspended their loans for housing construction for now. you have to agree it is a very convenient option for those, who lack a bit of cash to buy new prestigious housing in the very heart of the nation's capital!

In order to buy apartments in the residential complexes Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev, you can also use the developer's zero-interest 100-month installment plan with the down payment starting at only 30%.

Besides, if you buy an apartment online, you can save Br4,000 regardless of the size of the apartment you want to buy! Online reservation is particularly convenient for those, who do not live in Minsk, those with little time to spare for a visit to the sales office, and for those, who would not want to appear in person in public places in today's situation. While saving money all the same!

Feel free to use the convenient services the website bir.by offers!

Regional sales managers in 18 cities across the country – Brest, Pinsk, Baranovichi, Gomel, Mozyr, Svetlogorsk, Rechitsa, Zhlobin, Grodno, Lida, Vitebsk, Orsha, Novopolotsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Nesvizh, Borisov, and Soligorsk – can consult you about the developer's construction projects.

The office to sell apartments in the Mayak Minska complex and the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is open from 9:00 till 22:00 every day at 11 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Mall), Vostok metro station, Minsk. The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

Your apartment near the park has already been built – choose the one you like!

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