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Park Chelyuskintsev: Affordable apartments in prestigious residential complex in Minsk!

06.05.2020   |   Все комплексы

Great news has come for those who would like to buy an apartment in the most environmentally friendly Minsk residential complex Park Chelyuskintsev and quickly move in! A new house at the edge of the forest has been commissioned, and the sale of apartments is about to begin. If you are interested in buying an apartment in a finished house, please stay tuned for the news about the start of sales!

The developer, who builds the most iconic residential complexes of Minsk, accelerates the pace and the volume of construction, attracting new contractor organizations. Houses in the Mayak Minska complex have been delivered recently, six months ahead of schedule. Minsk World is rapidly growing. The Park Chelyuskintsev complex has gained a fine working rhythm.

The ready-built house is in the first line of the complex from the park. In terms of layouts, it is similar to House 2 which is on sale already. But if House 2 is the closest to Independence Avenue, the new building is located deep in the complex, near the park. The view that opens from the windows of its apartments on the pine forest is simple incredible!

The finished house is in the first line of the complex from the parkThe finished house is in the first line of the complex from the park

The houses of this series in the Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex have 25 floors. The building has been designed as a comfort-class living space of European level. Modern architectural and technological solutions have been used in its construction.

All apartments are designed to a base-build principle. Thus, the buyer can independently choose the number and layout of rooms and their size, with each room having a huge window or a glazed loggia.

Panoramic glazing with a golden hue fills the rooms with sunlight and expands the living space. Airiness and lightness will be the characteristic features of these apartments, in whatever style they are decorated.

All apartments feature panoramic glazing with a golden hueAll apartments feature panoramic glazing with a golden hue

Second-floor apartments have private outdoor terraces that are protected from precipitation by transparent marquees. Just imagine what it's like to have your own street space in such a wonderful place!

Here, the roof above the parking lot, which is located on the ground floor of the building, will house children's playgrounds and landscaped recreation areas. This area is closed and completely safe, with a secure fence and no access to outsiders.

High-speed noiseless elevators OTIS will take the house tenants and their guests to any floor within seconds.

High-speed noiseless elevators OTISHigh-speed noiseless elevators OTIS

The spacious eco-style lobby will have a lot of light and many comfortable functional zones. The lobby will feature a concierge stand, a cozy area to meet guests and a courier waiting zone. With a baby changing station available in the restroom there will be no need for young mothers to cut short their strolls. A dog paw washer will be surely appreciated by dog owners!

Spacious and light eco-style lobbiesSpacious and light eco-style lobbies

In fact, one house unites all the benefits of the European-level accommodation!

Today, apartments of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex are available in two houses which construction enters homestretch – House 1 and House 2.

House 1, which commissioning is slated for February 2021, will feature a walkable roof and a heated underground car park, which the residents will be able to access by elevator.

House 1 House 1 Lobby of House 1Lobby of House 1

Another convenient solution is a two-storey kindergarten for 90 kids with its own territory that will be integrated into the building.

Commercial premises with access to Nezavisimosti Avenue can be bought on the first two floors of the building. All of them have separate entrances, different sizes, and can perform various functions. Virtually any business idea can be implemented or considerable sums can be earned by renting out the premises!

House 2will be commissioned in November 2020. It will be similar to the one just commissioned.

House 2 will be commissioned in November 2020. It will be similar to the one just commissionedHouse 2 will be commissioned in November 2020. It will be similar to the one just commissioned

The developer also offers apartments in three completed houses in the Mayak Minska complex located one metro station from the Park Chelyuskintsev station!

Mayak Minska complexMayak Minska complex

MichelangeloGauguin, and Raphael houses feature upscale accommodation in the completed houses.

The two-section Michelangelo house boasts a stepped profile of nine to 13 floors. A unique feature of the house is open terraces with stunning views!

Michelangelo house Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house A sanitary room with a baby changing stationA sanitary room with a baby changing station

Its facade overlooking the National Library boasts panoramic glazing and has an inclined geometry, with the upper floors hanging over the lower ones, thus ensuring the best visibility and privacy of the living space.

The facade of the Michelangelo house boasts panoramic glazingThe facade of the Michelangelo house boasts panoramic glazing

The house has a two-storey shopping center with a broad choice of restaurants, cafes and a health center, and also an underground parking for 50 cars and room for bikes. You can get to your car by an elevator.

The two-storey trading center in the stylobate under the Michelangelo houseThe two-storey trading center in the stylobate under the Michelangelo house

The 25-storey Gauguin and Rafael houses are combined into a single ensemble, connected by a stylobate. The ground and first floors of the stylobate will be meant for cafes and restaurants, shops and boutiques, as well as a recreation center with a gym, a swimming pool and SPA.

Gauguin and Raphael housesGauguin and Raphael houses

All apartments have a base-build concept. Panoramic glazing and glazed loggias will not only let in a lot of light, but will also let residents enjoy a splendid scenery from the windows!

The houses are located on the bank of one of the canals of the Slepyanka water systemThe houses are located on the bank of one of the canals of the Slepyanka water system

Parents will appreciate a kindergarten that has already been constructed virtually in the courtyard of the houses.

A kindergarten in the courtyard A kindergarten in the courtyard A children A children's playground A schoolA school

OTIS elevators, a base build design, panoramic glazing, a beautiful and spacious lobby with a concierge stand – the house with a view of the park boasts all the attributes of premium housing!

A designer lobby A designer lobby High-speed quiet elevators OTISHigh-speed quiet elevators OTIS

The most important is that apartments in the prestigious Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev complexes are affordable to many families with a stable income. The real estate developer invests huge fund to offer its clients the most attractive financial tools!

Minsk's prestigious complexes Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev are now offering a long-term installment plan for 100 months and without a down payment!

The real estate developer got a lot of requests from clients to extend the period of installments in the Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev complexes that offered an installment plan for five and four years respectively. Now the period of installments has almost doubled!

Without interest rates, without guarantors, without income verification, without having to bring various papers from your employer – an installment plan allows you to buy an apartment fast, on the most beneficial terms, and without too much effort. Customers do not have to pass the credit scoring procedure. They only need their passports!

And, most importantly, it is possible to buy an apartment without a down payment. In essence, your first monthly payment will be your down payment, with only 99 monthly installments left to pay after that!

The offer is unique because the customer is free to choose terms of the installment plan!

How does it work?

The website bir.by specifies prices for apartments in the Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev complexes that apply if the customer pays the full price right away, including with a loan, and prices for customers opting for a 100-month installment plan without a down payment.

If you are ready to make the down payment, which can be 10%, 20%, 30% or more, you will be offered a discount on the installment plan price specified by the website.

If you opt for a shorter installment plan, the real estate developer will offer a lower price per square meter – with an additional discount on the installment plan price specified by the website.

It is easy to choose an apartment and buy it on the terms that suit you!

Those, who are ready to make the down payment starting at 30% of the apartment's cost in order to buy the apartment via an installment plan, are eligible for the promo Six Months of Payment Holidays! You will have to make the first monthly payment only in half a year – plenty of time to save money for redecoration.

Besides, If you buy an apartment online till 9 May, you can save a substantial sum – from Br4,000 to Br10,000 depending on the size of the apartment you want to buy! Online reservation is particularly convenient for those, who do not live in Minsk, those, who have little time to spare for a visit to the sales office, and for those, who would not want to appear in person in public places in today's situation. While saving money all the same!

You should definitely explore the convenient services the website bir.by offers!

Regional sales managers in 15 cities across the country – Brest, Pinsk, Baranovichi, Gomel, Mozyr, Svetlogorsk, Rechitsa, Zhlobin, Grodno, Lida, Vitebsk, Orsha, Novopolotsk, Mogilev, and Bobruisk – can consult you about the developer's construction projects.

The office to sell apartments in the Mayak Minska complex and the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is open from 9:00 till 22:00 every day at 11 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Mall), Vostok metro station, Minsk. The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

New houses, new apartments – and unlimited opportunities to make a purchase!

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