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Apartment online! You can buy an apartment in Minsk on the internet!

07.04.2020   |   Все комплексы

The buyer should feel comfortable. Even if he/she is going to buy an apartment! The largest real estate developer that builds the most famous complexes in Minsk has launched a convenient online service for booking and buying apartments. Now you can buy an apartment remotely, without visiting the sales office! And get a discount of Br4,000!

The website of the developer offers a step-by-step instruction that makes the buying process absolutely simple, transparent and comprehensible.

Step one: choose an apartment

The website gives information about all the residential complexes and all apartments available for sale, their characteristics, sizes, and layouts. You can choose the floor or the side the windows will overlook. In general, the website offers all the details that determine the buyer's decision. When the choice is made, just click the button "Book"!

Step two: talk to a sales manager

The manager contacts the buyer within an hour since the booking is made. From now on, he/she will be your personal assistant who will help you solve all the issues.

Step three: get a detailed consultation

With the manager on the phone, you will discuss your choice, price, terms and ways of payment, including the possibility of using special payment instruments and promotional offers. The apartment remains booked for three days!

Step four: meet with the courier

You will get the documents for review via e-mail. The manager will answer all your questions about the documents.

You do not need to visit the sales office. The courier will deliver the documents for signature at the address you specified.

The deal to buy the apartment will be conducted online from start to finish. A happy buyer, who will use the online booking service, will receive a bonus from the developer - a discount of Br4,000 off the cost of the apartment!

You have no time to visit the sales office? You live in another city? You do not want to show up in a public place? No problem! You are just four steps away from buying an apartment online!

By the way, you can check progress in the construction of the house of your choice in any of the complexes in real time thanks to video tours on the developer's website.

By the way, you won't have to wait long for a happy moment to enter your own apartment even if your house is still at the stage of a construction pit. The developer accelerates the pace of construction, increases volumes and attracts new contractors! Literally in recent days, new tenants of two more houses in the Minsk World complex (322 families) and Mayak Minska (157 families) have got the keys to their new apartments. This week will see another 110 families inspect their new apartments in the Gauguin house in the Mayak Minska complex!

Raphael (left) and Gauguin (right) housesRaphael (left) and Gauguin (right) houses

The developer is fully aware that customers are anxious to move into their new homes, therefore the company does not slow down the pace of construction for a moment!

Mayak Minska is already nearing completion. This residential complex has dramatically changed the neighborhood near the National Library.

Mayak Minska complexMayak Minska complex

Apartments are available now only in three houses – MichelangeloRaphael and Gauguin. Last week keys to new homes were presented to happy owners of apartments in the Raphael house. This week customers are invited for acceptance of their apartments in the Gauguin house. The construction of a kindergarten will soon be completed in the courtyards of these houses. This is the second kindergarten in the complex.

Michelangelo house Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house Lobby of the Michelangelo house Raphael and Gauguin houses Raphael and Gauguin houses Lobby of the Raphael and Gauguin houses Lobby of the Raphael and Gauguin houses Kindergarten will be located virtually in the courtyards of the Raphael and Gauguin housesKindergarten will be located virtually in the courtyards of the Raphael and Gauguin houses

This complex is the first in Minsk to be designed to the city inside the city principle. There are many commercial premises here. Their cost has doubled since the launch of the construction. There are also numerous shops, cafes and service outlets.

Two-storey shopping mall in the stylobate under the Michelangelo houseTwo-storey shopping mall in the stylobate under the Michelangelo house

Naturally the Dana Mall shopping and entertainment center is a huge attraction for many. The monthly traffic in the mall exceeds 2 million people. The Dana Center business center will be another draw.

Dana Mall shopping and entertainment center Dana Mall shopping and entertainment center Dana Center business centerDana Center business center

The main draws of the complex are pedestrian Picasso Boulevard and the Dana Dance multimedia fountain.

Newly wedded couples make great photo sessions here, while local residents and tourists attend festivals and concerts arranged in the area.

Minsk Minsk's most beautiful pedestrian Picasso Boulevard Multi-media fountain Dana Dance, a new landmark of MinskMulti-media fountain Dana Dance, a new landmark of Minsk

Park Chelyuskintsev is a complex which is built at the crossroads of the Independence Avenue and Makayonka Street, near Chelyuskintsev Park.

Park Chelyuskintsev complexPark Chelyuskintsev complex

Some 170 hectares of forests, two metro stations and all the necessary infrastructure are literally near your window!

The Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex is built near a huge park in the center of the cityThe Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex is built near a huge park in the center of the city

Apartments are available in House 1 and House 2.

House 1 overlooks Independence Avenue. The first two floors feature commercial premises. There is an in-built two-storey kindergarten in one of the sections.

House 1 House 1 Lobby of House 1 Lobby of House 1 A two-storey built-in kindergarten with its own areaA two-storey built-in kindergarten with its own area

House 2 is flanked by the park. The ground floor has an open garage for 82 cars. Apartments on the first two floors boast terraces. The roof of the parking will feature fenced children's playgrounds and recreation zones for residents. The purchase of the apartment here is the best option – the spring promo of 10% off ensures a considerable discount!

House 2 House 2 Spacious and light eco-style lobby of House 2Spacious and light eco-style lobby of House 2

Minsk World construction site is an area of over 340 hectares! More than 3 million square meters of residential and commercial premises will be built here. The project is slated for completion in 2027. The complex will feature up-to-date infrastructure that will include polyclinics and medical centers, sports and trading facilities, offices and cafes.

Minsk World complexMinsk World complex

The international financial center Minsk World is being built in the center of the complex. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Dubai International Financial Center. The partner agreements with the UAE were signed at the governmental level. Similar agreements had been earlier signed between the Dubai International Financial Center and the developer. The concept of the center provides for attracting major international investors, which will help turn Belarus into the regional economic hub and become the continent's most competitive and investor-friendly country in the near future. In addition to that, the Minsk World center means creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Belarusians.

International financial center Minsk WorldInternational financial center Minsk World

The country's largest shopping and entertainment center is being built nearby. Its name has already been chosen – Mara Mall. The name in Belarusian perfectly reflects its concept.

The third important element of the complex is a new big urban park. It will be laid out along the central axis of the complex.

A big modern park will be laid out in the central part of the complexA big modern park will be laid out in the central part of the complex

Another important construction site is Aerodromnaya metro station. Two stations of the new, third line of Minsk metro will be within an easy reach for residents of the complex!

Well-developed transport infrastructure will allow easily reaching any part of the cityWell-developed transport infrastructure will allow easily reaching any part of the city

Today the complex offers apartments in nine quarters! Take your pick from a vast variety of apartments of various sizes. The construction of the first full-fledged quarter, Emirates Lux, is almost complete – only apartments in the last two sections of the Emirates Wave house are left.

Emirates Wave house Emirates Wave house Lobby of the Emirates Wave house Lobby of the Emirates Wave house Elevators OTISElevators OTIS

The real estate developer offers clients several interesting payment tools. A long-term installment plan is one the most popular ones. The Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex offers installments for four years, Mayak Minska for five years and the Minsk World multifunctional complex for ten years.

In April this payment option has become even more interesting as the developer launched the Payment Holidays promo! It means that when buying an apartment in installments, the customer will get the six-month holidays on monthly payments after making the down payment! Payment Holidays is a time for every buyer to sort out their immediate plans and to gather strength to realize their aspirations!

Let us remind you that the long-term installment plan was introduced by the country's largest real estate developer exactly one year ago and became an unbelievable sensation on the new construction market. Thousands of customers have availed themselves of the opportunity to spread payments for their apartments over a long period of time, up to ten years without interest rates and unexpected fees. The monthly installment sum is calculated when the installment contract is signed and does not change over the entire period. Everything is so transparent and convenient!

Customers do not need income verifications. They do not need to find guarantors. A down payment starting at 30% of the apartment's cost is what's needed. If the customer can make a down payment of over 50% of the apartment's cost, he or she will get an additional discount!

If the customer lacks the means to make the 30% down payment, there is always a way out! The developer practices a custom-tailored approach to every client.

The Payment Holidays promo applies to all the residential complexes in the capital city – Minsk WorldMayak Minska, and Park Chelyuskintsev.

This spring we also offer the 10% Off promotional deal that applies to apartments in the North America quarter of the Minsk World complex and House 2 in the Park Chelyuskintsev complex. The price per square meter over there has been reduced by 10%. If the customer chooses to pay by installments, payment holidays for six months are offered on top of an additional discount for the down payment in excess of 50% of the apartment's cost and another discount if the customer reserves the apartment online! But only till 15 April!

All the details of buying an apartment are available on the website bir.by. You can conveniently reserve your apartment online and get a discount of Br4,000!

You can also meet with sales managers in person. The office to sell apartments in the Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev complexes is open from 9:00 till 22:00 every day at 11 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Mall), Vostok metro station, Minsk.

The office to sell apartments in the Minsk World complex is open from 8:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 till 20:00 on weekends and holidays at 9 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Center), Vostok metro station, Minsk.

The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

Be on-trend and buy your apartment online!

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