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10% off! Prestigious Park Chelyuskintsev complex offers great deal for House 2

02.04.2020   |   Парк Челюскинцев

Housing in the very center of the city, near a huge park, in the prestigious house boasting the European-level comfort is by default prestigious and upscale. However, in the Belarusian capital city such housing is affordable to many! After all, the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is running a great promo – 10% off for apartments in House 2! You can take advantage of the deal till 15 April.


The deal applies to all the apartments in House 2 and to all payment options, including an installment plan, a loan or own cash. No matter what financial tools you use, you will get a 10% off the price indicated on the website! This is the best deal of this spring taking into consideration that this house is located in the part of the complex that is the closest to the borders of the park!


You can pick up an apartment and discuss payment options by visiting a sales office. If you do not want to show up at public places unless it is absolutely necessary, you can submit an application on the website or discuss the matter over phone. You will get exhaustive answers to all your questions any way!


The individual approach to customers means that managers will help you make the best choice in terms of price, apartment size and layout, and payment options. Every little detail will be taken care of!


House 2 of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex has 25 floors. This is comfortable European-class property that embraces the most advanced architectural solutions.


House 2House 2


The ground floor will be used as a car parking facility. It will be able to accommodate 82 cars. Your vehicles will always be under a reliable cover! Most importantly, neither snow nor rain will prevent you from comfortably getting to your car, unloading your luggage boot or cleaning car windows. You can leave the house to take to the wheel even in your slippers! This is without a doubt a very important advantage for modern-day Minsk!


All apartments in the house are designed to a base-build principle. Apartment size ranges from 38m2 to 78m2. This will allow residents to arrange space in their apartments the way they want. Panoramic windows with a golden shade will fill the space with sunlight and bring nature closer.


All apartments have panoramic windows with a golden shadeAll apartments have panoramic windows with a golden shade


High-speed noiseless elevators OTIS will take you to any floor within seconds. It is important that not a single apartment adjoins an elevator shaft.


High-speed noiseless elevators OTISHigh-speed noiseless elevators OTIS


Apartments on the first floor boast individual open terraces with transparent roofs to protect from rain and snow. Just imagine the view from up here!



The roof of the parking lot will feature children's playgrounds and landscaped recreation zones. The territory will be absolutely safe and private, accessible only to residents of the house.


The roof of the parking lot will feature childrenThe roof of the parking lot will feature children's playgrounds and landscaped recreation zones


The spacious eco-style lobby will feature a concierge desk, an area to welcome guests or pick up deliveries, a restroom with a baby changing station and a place to wash your pet's paws after a walk. Pet owners, who have to take their dogs for a walk two or three times a day, will certainly appreciate a paw washer!



A spacious eco-style lobbyA spacious eco-style lobby


The prestige of the Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex can also be proven by such important features as a fenced area with a CCTV system to keep tenants and their property safe.


Residents will benefit from a fenced area and a CCTV systemResidents will benefit from a fenced area and a CCTV system


These may seem little things, but such little things make up the advantages of an upscale residential complex. Beautiful, comfortable, functional, and in a wonderful place.


The construction of the complex began just a few years ago at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Makaenka Street, near Chelyuskintsev Park.



Park Chelyuskintsev complexPark Chelyuskintsev complex


This place is unique! The windows overlook more than 170 hectares of woodland, taking the park and the Botanical Garden together. It is much larger than London's Hyde Park or the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. It also boasts rich biodiversity as more than 15,000 plant species grow there.


Park Chelyuskintsev complex is built right next to the huge park in the center of the cityPark Chelyuskintsev complex is built right next to the huge park in the center of the city


Residents of the complex can take a walk under the canopy of pines or along birch alleys of the park anytime. Young and active people will be glad to have an opportunity to do sports in the fresh air – morning strolls, cycling, exercises in workout areas. The park features sports grounds, numerous attractions and Children's Railway.



The park features numerous attractions and ChildrenThe park features numerous attractions and Children's Railway


Senior people will be able to enjoy the fresh air and serenity of park alleys. Ardent chess battles rage throughout the year in the chess town under the pines.


Residents of the complex can go for a walk in the alleys of the park anytimeResidents of the complex can go for a walk in the alleys of the park anytime


The charm of nature in the heart of the city! Nearby is the main thoroughfare of the capital and two metro stations. Schools and kindergartens, polyclinics, shops and restaurants, cafes and cinemas are in close proximity. Even the famous Komarovsky market place is within a walking distance! Or within a cycling distance – a bicycle track runs right from the entrance.


Almost next to the complex – across the park – there is the Olimpiysky sports and recreation center with swimming pools and the Freestyle water park with saunas and bowling alleys, as well as football pitches and tennis courts. In the park proper there is a sports town with a volleyball court. In general, residents of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex will have all the opportunities to have an active and healthy life!


By the way, apartments are also available in House 1 that is also located along Independence Avenue.


House 1House 1


The house has apartments with more than 20 layouts ranging from 32m2 to 87m2 and high ceilings from 2.7m to 3m. The house boasts panoramic glazing with bronze tinted glass, glazed loggias, and high-speed silent elevators from the world's leading manufacturer OTIS. Of course, every section of the house will have a spacious designer lobby with high ceilings.

The promo applies to all apartments with the size of more than 85m2.



Designer lobbyDesigner lobby


A two-storey kindergarten with its own territory for the safety of children will be built in this house. It is hard to think of anything better for families with young children!


A two-storey kindergarten with its own territory will be built in the houseA two-storey kindergarten with its own territory will be built in the house


The house has a heated underground garage for 190 cars, that can be reached by the elevator directly from the apartment's door. The ground floor and the first floor of the house offer commercial premises with access to Independence Avenue.


Commercial premises with access to Independence Avenue can be bought on the ground floor and the first floorCommercial premises with access to Independence Avenue can be bought on the ground floor and the first floor


The Park Chelyuskintsev complex is a truly exclusive piece of real estate! Buying an apartment here represents an absolutely unique opportunity to settle down in a prestigious area in a new house!


Getting an apartment of your own here is a dream. But it can come true!


The real estate developer is convinced that it is more profitable for people in need of housing to pay for an apartment of their own than to pay a rent endlessly. This is why those, who dream of an apartment of their own, are encouraged to make up their mind and become a homeowner at last using various advantageous financial tools!


An installment plan for a period of up to four years is a very convenient financial tool for those, who want to purchase an apartment of their own by spending little by little. No interest rates, no excess payments, no attempts to inflate the price per square meter. You will need neither income verifications nor guarantors to sign the contract. You only need your passport!


Belarusbank's partner program Mortgage With Us looks attractive – it offers loans to cover up to 90% of the apartment's cost. The loan can be repaid over the period of up to 20 years. The interest rate will be 4.74% per annum in the first year, 9.75% in the second year and the third one, and 14.19% later on.


A lending program from Priorbank is an interesting choice. The program is designed to last for five years and expects the buyer to make the down payment of at least 10% of the apartment's cost. The interest rate will be 5.99% in the first year and 14.18% later on.


Substantial discounts are available to those, who are ready to pay the full price for an apartment right away with their own cash or bank loans!


All the details regarding the terms of buying apartments in the Park Chelyuskintsev complex are available on the website bir.by and from the company's sales office. The office to sell apartments in the Park Chelyuskintsev complex is open from 9:00 till 22:00 every day at 11 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Mall), Vostok metro station, Minsk. The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.


Park Chelyuskintsev: dreams must come true!

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