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Jazz rhythms in Minsk center: Apartments in New Orleans house to go on sale soon

30.01.2020   |   Minsk World

New Orleans was the birthplace of the world's most famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong. Local bars were frequented by Mark Twain. It is a city of rejoicings, a city of festivals, a city of jazz and amazing French and Spanish architecture, cultural traditions of Creoles and African Americans, a city where life is easy and simple (one of its unofficial names is Big Easy), a city with an incredible energy. This vibe will be shared by a new house called New Orleans in the Minsk World complex. Apartments in this new house will go on sale on Monday, 3 February. The market launch of the house certainly offers the best sales terms!


No doubt, the upcoming Monday will become a new milestone for many customers who will buy their own housing!


New Orleans is part of the North America quarter of the Minsk World complex. This quarter conjures up the spirits of the USA and Canada, the most successful, technologically advanced and modern countries and global trendsetters. The house will have two brothers – New York and Miami – that will have a similar design concept. The three houses will rise over the quarter like Manhattan.



By the way, the construction of the houses is in full swing. The New Orleans is to be commissioned in October 2020. Thus, the customers will not have to wait long!


You can watch the progress in the construction of the residential complex thanks to a special video tour available on the developer's website.


The North America quarter boasts most advanced architectural solutions. The houses of the quarter will have mirrored facades virtually all over the building and bold and eye-catching forms. It will be one of the most spacious quarters of the complex. Two schools with well-equipped sports grounds and a stadium will be built inside the complex. Kindergartens will be constructed in the neighboring complexes.


Cafes, stores, service outlets – all these facilities will enhance the living experience of residents who will have everything they need for a comfortable living right at hand. The availability of commercial premises is also a great opportunity for enterprising people to start a business of their own. After all, the USA is a symbol of free entrepreneurship. Therefore, the North America quarter is a perfect place to launch a business!


Each house will have sports grounds, children's playgrounds and recreation zones with benches and a lot of greenery.



There will be no through traffic in the quarter. Car owners will be able to leave their vehicles on outdoor parking lots along the external perimeter of the quarter or in cool indoor parking facilities. By the way, the Minsk World complex, for example, commissioned a nine-level 800-car indoor parking lot last autumn.



The territory of comfort spreads beyond the limits of the quarter! Local residents will have the entire infrastructure of the Minsk World complex at their disposal. By the way the complex received the EuropaProperty award as the largest multifunctional complex in Europe.


Everything you need will be within a walking distance here! The complex will feature polyclinics for children and adults, a medical center, shops and gyms, cafes and restaurants.


A new 10ha park will be laid out near the North America quarter. It will be true “green lungs” of the whole complex. The park will feature quiet alleys, fountains with sculptures, sports and children's playgrounds. It will be the most beautiful area for calm and active recreation! By the way, all the quarters in the complex will be connected by bicycle tracks – an excellent place for slow rides and speedy chases. Quarters of the Minsk World complex boast excellent transport connections. Two new metro stations will be located within the limits of the complex. Ground transport stops will be within the walking distance.



The large shopping and entertainment center Mara Mall with its shops, a food court, and amusements to suit every taste will become a favorite place to shop and relax for many residents of the complex.


The international financial center Minsk World will become the business heart of the complex. Minsk World is designed to attract investments from all over the globe and foster the creation of thousands of jobs in Belarus. It is quite possible that in the future many residents of the Minsk World complex will be able to go to their prestigious jobs on foot.



chance to become closer to a dream comes with an opportunity to buy an apartment in the New Orleans house!


Can you hear the sound of jazz? The mirrored facade with a bronze tint sparkles like the pipe of Louis Armstrong himself! The house boasts 25 floors and 294 apartments with the area ranging from 28m2 to 75m2.



Do you like a relaxed atmosphere of the southern city, the real Big Easy? All the apartments boast a base build concept, with ceilings 2.70m high. The ceilings of the last floor will be 3 meters high!


Everyone here will have a real opportunity to design the interior of the apartment to their own taste and style.


Is there a lot of sun and warmth in Louisiana's New Orleans? It is the same in Minsk's New Orleans! Even the smallest studios will be full of light: there will be glazed loggias in all the apartments! There will also be floor-to-ceiling windows with children's security locks, and balconies in bigger apartments. For the safety and convenience of tenants the lower part of the glazing will not open and will be equipped with reinforced shatterproof double-glazed windows from the world's leading manufacturers.


The French Quarter is the historic heart of New Orleans. The New Orleans house will welcome guests with a stylish concierge stand. Isn't it a French charm?


The spacious lobby, which will be over three meters high, will boast a zone to pick up deliveries and a restroom with a baby changing station. There will also be a room for storing bicycles and prams. The lobby has two exits, i.e. to the courtyard area and outside, to the parking lots. There is also bicycle parking space near the house.


Longing for beauty and enjoyable experience? Go up in a panoramic elevator and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city every day! The house will feature three quiet and high-speed elevators from the world's leading producer OTIS.


They say, houses in New Orleans are decorated with colorful garlands and lights. The New Orleans house in Minsk will have its own decorations, at least during winter holidays. Residents of the house will enjoy a warm, sunny and festive atmosphere!


Good things come in threes! If buying an apartment in the New Orleans house at the very start of the sales has caught your interest, then choose among the attractive financial tools offered by the developer.


Considerable additional investments poured by the company's investors into civil engineering projects have allowed preserving and improving the most attractive tool for families with a steady income – a unique long-term installment plan from the real estate developer. The installment plan in the Minsk World complex is provided for up to ten years. Without an interest rate, without overpayments, without inflating the price per square meter. You do not need income verifications and guarantors, only your passport to sign the contract! True, you need to make a down payment but we offer a custom-tailored service. Even the lack of money to make a down payment will not be a problem. For instance, you can apply to a partner bank for a loan of up to Br40,000 without income verifications and guarantors. Managers of the sales office will help you find the most suitable installment plan.


Another wonderful bit of news concerns those, who are ready to pay for their future home right away using their own money or using a bank loan and leasing programs. In their case, the discount will make up 20%!


Our partner banks now also offer better lending terms – the loan can cover up to 90% of the apartment's cost and can be repaid over the period of up to 20 years. The interest rate on a Belarusbank loan will be 4.99% per annum in the first year and 10% in the second year and the third one. The program of BPS-Sberbank will offer the interest rate at 6.99% per annum for the first two years.


All the details regarding the conditions of buying an apartment in the New Orleans house are available on the website bir.by and from the company's sales office. We are open from 8:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 till 20:00 on weekends. Come on down to 9 Mstislavtsa Street (1st floor, Dana Center), Vostok metro station, Minsk. The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.


Don't miss out on an opportunity to buy an apartment in the New Orleans house at the very beginning of the sale campaign!

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