Complex Building Sq.m. The cost of a parking space
at 100% payment
The cost of a parking space
with 3-year installments
Стоимость The cost of a parking space
with an installment plan of 5 years

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Multi-level parking is a part of modern comfortable complexes  Minsk World  and  Vivaldi  and includes open parking spaces, which saves space in contrast to classic garages.

The construction of parking lots was carried out in accordance with international standards - this eliminates the risk of sudden temperature changes that adversely affect the operation of the car.

Features and benefits and parking lots

The residential complex Minsk World  has a 9-level parking for 794 cars, and the Vivaldi residential complex   includes a 4-level parking for 297 cars  Parking spaces of various sizes: from 11.5 to 26.52 sq.m.

Pay attention to the advantages of objects:

  • Parking  Minsk World is  equipped with two cargo-passenger elevators. You can get to the desired level in the Vivaldi parking lot   using a modern passenger elevator with panoramic windows. They are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities: on the first level, there are larger spaces.
  • The objects are equipped with all the necessary communications. A comfortable stay in the parking lot is ensured by a well-thought-out lighting system. The fire extinguishing system will work in force majeure circumstances. The facility has round-the-clock video surveillance - you leave your car in a really safe place.
  • The access control is organized, which excludes the entry of unauthorized persons into the territory. To get to the parking lot, you need to pass the automatic barrier.
  • The parking lots are equipped with convenient entrances and exits from the side of Germanovskaya ( Minsk World ) and Gorodetskaya ( Vivaldi ) streets .

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