Unique multimedia cybernetic fountain "Dana Dance" "Dana Dance" in the complex "Mayak Minska"

bir.by - Умный поиск недвижимости в Минске

Dear residents of Minsk and guests of the capital, we are pleased to announce that from today, from 27.08.2019, the fountain operates daily according to the following schedule - from 10-00 to 20-00 water show, and from 20-00 - water and light-music show. The light and music show is 5 musical compositions that will be performed by jets of water, accompanied by a bright play of light.
We will inform you about further changes on our website. We invite you to enjoy the beautiful views of the Dana Dance fountain.

The unique computerized multimedia fountain "Dana Dance" is located in the "Mayak Minska" complex next to the National Library.

There are only a few hydraulic structures of this level in the world - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas - and now Minsk is also in this row thanks to Dana Holdings!

bir.by - Умный поиск недвижимости в Минске

There has never been such a fountain in Belarus


The fountain's uniqueness lies in its complex technical filling, which was developed by Spanish specialists. Here, in a changing, mesmerizing rhythm, not just jets of water are dancing - a show is unfolding in front of the audience, in which water, light and sound create a single bright canvas measuring 8 by 14 meters. It can be used to run any video information with excellent musical accompaniment - for example, educational films about Belarus, videos about the capital, about bright events that take place in the city and in the country.

Can you paint on water? It turns out you can!


A special robotic system controls all the beauty of the fountain. It is she who selects combinations of jets, clouds of smoke, lasers, lights and music. Moreover, it is even able to take into account the speed and direction of the wind for the verified formation of the necessary water effects! That is why the fountain is called "cybernetic".

bir.by - Умный поиск недвижимости в Минске

A special robotic system selects combinations of jets, clouds, smoke, lasers, lights and music


Of course, this water fairy tale looks most impressive in the evening, at night, when the backlight is as bright as possible, the colors shine fully on the water screen, and music and video content create a fascinating effect of a “smart” picture with dancing water.

In the dark, this fairy tale looks the most impressive